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ramBunctious is a RAM disk program.

RAM disks are a convenient way to achieve high performance in many applications. Hard drive accesses are hundreds of times slower than memory accesses. RAM disks set aside an amount of memory that the system can then use as a "normal" hard drive, floppy drive, or any other storage device -- except that they're much faster.

ramBunctious maintains the advantages and eliminates the disadvantages of most RAM disk programs. Several options let you customize for your desired balance of speed, security, safety, and versatility. For example, you can set it to write through to a file on a (real) disk for safety in the event of a crash. You can mount as many RAM disks as you wish (or as many as you have memory for) simultaneously. ramBunctious uses the same memory that applications use, so the memory used for each RAM disk is instantly available for other applications as soon as the RAM disk is put away.

You can create better RAM disks for running your applications with ramBunctious. This application offers greater flexibility than the Mac's built-in capabilities, allowing you to create multiple RAM disks, write a RAM disk's contents back to a hard disk for added security in case of a crash, and more. RAM disks are traditionally faster than hard disks for running applications.


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ramBunctious 1.1.2