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Keep Trying!
Keep Trying!

Keep Trying! (KT) is a simple utility for dialing your phone. It works through the modem connected to your computer, and therefore requires that you have a modem (with a speaker), and a phone connected to the same phone line as the modem. You can use KT either in connection with a "Contacts" or "Address-Book" program, copy-and-pasting or drag-and-dropping the phone number from that application to KT, or you can use it manually, simply typing the number you want to dial into KT's window.

KT has several advantages over dialing a number yourself, or using the phone-dialing option that is built in to some Address-Book software applications. As its name suggests, KT will "keep trying" a number if you don't get through on your first try. If you either get a busy signal, or there is no answer, KT will wait a length of time that you specify, and then dial the number again. Because KT is a small, stand-alone application, you can leave it running in the background, trying as many times as you like to get through to your number, while you work productively in other applications. KT also has a "Listen In" feature, useful for when you're put on "hold" for extended periods.

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