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Disk Wizard

Disk Wizard

Disk Wizard is an advanced disk cataloging program. It is made up of two components: a system extension (Wizard INIT) and an application (Disk Wizard). Once it is installed, Disk Wizard automatically catalogs the contents of your volumes (hard disks, floppies, CDs, SyQuests, whatever). Thus, Disk Wizard's catalog is always up-to-date, without your needing to do any scanning chores. Disk Wizard will even see through StuffIt 3.0 or Compact Pro archives if you wish.

At any time, you can launch the Disk Wizard application. In seconds, it will answer questions such as "Where did I put file X?" or "On what floppy can I store this 300K file?". It will let you copy files from your backup media simply by dragging them from Disk Wizard to the Finder (if you have System 7.5). It will also expand StuffIt archives on the fly (if you have Aladdin's StuffIt™ Engine). It will look for duplicate files on your disks. And much more!

Disk Wizard is in FAT binary, which means it will work optimally for both PPC and 68k machines. It's the fastest file searching tool around!


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Disk Wizard 2.0