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Power Windows
Power Windows

Power Windows is a small control panel that lets you drag the entire contents of windows instead of just a dotted outline. The control panel lets you choose between Solid Dragging and Translucent Dragging.

For solid dragging, you can set the Screen Update Frequency, which controls how often Power Windows redraws the parts of the screen you cover and uncover when moving the window. The Immediate setting updates the screen each time the window moves, which gives the best results, but requires a fast machine. For slower machines, use one of the intermediate settings. If you want the smoothest possible dragging and do not mind the "giant eraser" effect, use the At End setting, which does not update the screen until you release the mouse.

For translucent dragging, you can set the Level of Transparency to anything from Solid to Invisible (for Zen dragging without any visual feedback). For large windows, translucent dragging can be very slow, so Power Windows drags only the border instead of the entire window. Use the Switch to Border Dragging slider to set the window size threshold where Power Windows makes this transition. The Always setting always drags only the window border, while the Never setting always drags the entire window. What setting you choose depends on your Mac's speed and your own tolerance for choppy dragging.

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Power Windows 2.0.1