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Kaleidoscope is a control panel that completely overhauls your Mac's user interface using plug in Color Scheme files. Instead of me trying to describe what it does, you should really just install it and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed... If you still are not convinced, here are just a few of Kaleidoscope's features:

  • Kaleidoscope includes an "Apple Grayscale" plug in Color Scheme that gives you the Mac OS 8 Platinum interface. This Color Scheme provides all of the functionality of our shareware extension "Aaron", and registered users of Aaron can upgrade to Kaleidoscope for the reduced price of $10 (see below).
  • Kaleidoscope also comes with several other color schemes, each providing a completely different user interface. In addition, there are hundreds of third party color schemes available all over the world. You can download a wide selection of third party schemes from the Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive (maintained by Eric Reid) on our web site: <http://www.kaleidoscope.net> . The Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive also has links to many other Kaleidoscope-related web pages as well as resources for color scheme designers.
  • Kaleidoscope puts a WindowShade widget at the top right of window title bars. Clicking on it collapses the window to just its title bar. Clicking again restores the window to full size. Alternatively, you can collapse or expand a window by double-clicking on its title bar, just like with Apple's WindowShade control panel. Kaleidoscope also has an option to play "whoosh" sounds to accompany these actions.
  • Kaleidoscope gives document windows a thick border which you can use to drag windows from any side.
  • Kaleidoscope lets you replace the Chicago 12 system font with any font and size of your choice (with the restriction that the system font cannot be too large or else text will no longer fit in buttons and dialog boxes). Please note that the system font is NOT the font used in Finder windows; you can set the Finder window font with the "Views" control panel.
  • Kaleidoscope comes with various suggested system fonts, including Veritas (based on Apple's Truth or Charcoal font rumored to be the system font under Mac OS 8), BeBox (based on the system font used under the BeOS), Espi Sans, and Tecton.
  • Kaleidoscope lets you set the background of Finder windows to any color you want. It also has an option to colorize Finder windows according to the label color of the folder.

There is here a collection of Kaleidoscope color schemes adds even more customization options for the Kaleidoscope control panel. Various themes are here, HiTech, Patterened and Silver Schemes.

Size (kilobytes)
Kaleidoscope 1.8.2
HiTech Schemes 1.7.5
Patterned Schemes 1.7.5
Silver Schemes 1.7.5