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Instant Folders

Instant Folders

Instant Folders is the ultimate solution to navigate through directories. It lets you reach any directory on any disk with a single click, directly from "Open..." and "Save..." dialog boxes. It's as easy as using bookmarks in many other programs.

Why Instant Folders?

There are other programs similar to Instant Folders. They lack, however, many key features that are implemented in Instant Folders. Among them:

  • IF is powerful: it lets you establish a link to a folder on any mounted volume. The link will remain intact even if you rename the folder, move it or backup and restore it. You can even use shared disks over a network: Instant Folders will automatically try to access the server, presenting the standard login interface if needed. It works on any kind of network, either divided in zones or not. You can also use removable disks: Instant Folders will ask you to insert the disk in the right drive. It works with floppy disks, CD-ROM's, ZIP cartridges and so on.
  • IF is fast: a single click takes you to any folder instantly. Everything you need to do to reach the folder, such as logging into a server, is accomplished without having to exit the dialog box.
  • IF is small: it occupies less than 15k on disk and in RAM.
  • IF is cheap: it costs just 15 $.


Size (kilobytes)

Instant Folders 2.1