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IconWrap II

IconWrap II

IconWrap II is an extension that makes sure the startup icons for your system extensions and control panels march across the screen in nice orderly rows. Mac system extensions follow a set of de facto standards for displaying their startup icons, but some are a little more capable than others. Almost everyone's icons march horizontally across the screen very well these days, but some still fall apart when they reach the right hand side of the screen and have to start a new row above the first. Others just refuse to be put in the second row and hop back down to the first, causing havoc on the screen (OK, not really, but it sounds more exciting than saying "they leave this little blank space...").

IconWrap II is loosely based on Ken McLeod's original IconWrap, though most of it was rewritten in the update. Thanks to Ken for his advice and permission to release IconWrap II, and thanks to all the programmers that have publicly provided example code to promote the startup icon positioning standard.


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IconWrap II 1.2