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AutoClock is an application and a system extension that maintains the accuracy of your Macintosh clock. As a matter of fact, this clock has the tendency to deviate from the correct time every day, and can accumulate to minutes or dozens of minutes after one year, if not corrected.

The AutoClock application allows you to:

  • set the clock by calling a time server, if you have a modem,
  • set the clock manually from an accurate source (for example a voice time server (303-499-7111) or the radio),
  • display a logbook of every clock change on your Macintosh, whether it was done with AutoClock, or with another application (the General or Data & Time control panels, or the Clock desk accessory for example),
  • compute the mean clock deviation of the Macintosh clock for a 24-hour period, using data recorded in the logbook, and
  • display the date and time in almost any country of the world.

The system extension AutoClock Extension can:

  • periodically open the AutoClock application according to your schedule, to perform an automatic clock adjustment by calling the time server, without any user intervention,
  • keep the Macintosh clock continually correct, by adjusting it using the computed mean clock deviation,
  • automatically adjust the clock for Daylight Saving Time, and
  • detect any clock changes done by any other programs, and record them in the application's logbook.


Size (kilobytes)

AutoClock 1.4.4