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Snak is a program that will let you participate in discussions in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels. IRC is a service that uses the Internet to connect a large number of servers all over the world. Individuals then connect to a nearby server with the help of a client program like Snak and join one or more of the thousands of channels that are available. Anything that is typed into the channel will be seen by the other members and you can then have a real-time conversation with people all over the world.

At any given time the largest of the IRC networks may have as many as 15.000 participants and almost anyone can find a channel that talks about a topic that is of interest to that particular person.


  • Fewer windows than Ircle..!
  • A dedicated input field per channel
  • Multi connections and multi channels
  • Connection records can specify multiple servers, which allows the program to try each server until it finds one that will connect.
  • User Database to store information snippets
  • Two customizable menus holds frequently used commands and shortcuts
  • Font and background color can be set for each individual channel
  • Manual and Automatic logging
  • International character sets are supported
  • Command-clicking URLs to open them is supported
  • Searchable channel list
  • Guardian feature lets parents limit what channels a child can use
  • Fully customizable multi line aliases
  • $ variables in aliases and shortcuts
  • Identd support
  • File transfer and chatting via DCC

Snak is available for both 68k and PPC machines. The beta version fixes some bugs, but is not throughly tested and is probably less stable than the release versions. 

Size (kilobytes)
Snak 1.4.1 68K
Snak 1.4.1 PPC