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ShadowIRC might not be as complete as other IRC clients (yet), but it has its share of useful - and unique - features.

Among them are:

  • ShadowIRC is smart about doing actions if you hit option-return when the inputline starts with "/me". (how many times have you forgotten you had already typed "/me", hit option-return, and do an action that begins with "/me"?)
  • Pop-Up menus for various items in the inputline. (Plugins will be able to extend the Inputline's functions.)
  • The Commands menu intelligently inserts channel names and insertion points appropriately so that it's actually useful> (Cmd-L, for example, will put "/mode #currentchannel " in the inputline if you're in a channel, or "/mode yournickname " if you're in the console; Cmd-I will put "/invite #currentchannel" in the inputline, and an insertion point between "/invite" and the channel name so you can type in the user's name, hit return, and invite the user to your channel quickly and easily.
  • ShadowIRC is extremely - perhaps excessively - configurable. Just because I like something one way doesn't mean you like it that way, so where feasable, ShadowIRC allows you to configure any aspect of its behavior.

ShadowIRC also has such security features such as the "/msgq" and "/noticeq" commands which don't display your outgoing text to screen, and not putting a line into the inputline buffer if a command begins with "//". "//msgq x@channels.undernet.org login #channel password", for example, would log you into X on the UnderNet, but notleave the password on your screen or in your inputline buffer.

Size (kilobytes)
ShadowIRC 0.7.0