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IPNetMonitor provides a set of seven integrated Internet tools which allow Macintosh users to monitor their connection to the Internet. The tools are designed to help users quickly identify problems, locate where the problem is, and gather data which can be used to solve the problem, either directly or through their Internet Service Provider. The tools include Test Connectivity (Ping), Trace Route, Name Server Lookup, Who Is, Finger, Monitor, and Subnet Calculator.

With IPNetMonitor, you can see how the Internet is working, monitor the flow of data to and from your computer, and trace the route by which the data is flowing. This gives the user the information to both optimize internet service and diagnose problems. Once you have located a problem, the tool's Who Is feature gives you the name, and often the e-mail address, of the person responsible for that part of the network.

IPNetMonitor Features:

  • A complete basic Internet toolkit including ping, traceroute, nslookup, and whois.
  • Unique OT native Monitor tool provides an accurate view of network throughput and responsiveness.
  • Full Macintosh user interface makes these tools more accessable.
  • Asynchronous DNS lookups make trace route quick and easy.
  • Tight design uses screen space efficiently. Drag-&-Drop, or edit in place.
  • Superior integration.
  • Automatically transfers corresponding data from one tool to another.
  • Supports GURL Apple Event.

IPNetMonitor is available in both PPC and 68k versions.

Size (kilobytes)
IPNetMonitor 2.0.1 68k
IPNetMonitor 2.0.1 PPC