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mac.org : Starbound II
Starbound II

In the distant future, six races discover the secret of the leap-drive and begin to explore space. Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages, culture and science, and each is competing for the resources of a few dozen worlds...decide if you'll be a conqueror or a diplomat. Lead your ships through combat as a tactician or let them control themselves. Spend years developing the industrial and technological base of you homeworlds, or lead ground combat assaults to pillage and enslave weaker worlds. Develop an ecological balance between your colonist and the worlds they live on, or pollute the world and move on. Whether you are the President of the Human confederation of planets, or the YXaWk high-priest, you are in charge of your race's destiny, and no else cares if your life form survives.

For better or worse, the leap-drive has plunged your race into a contest for survival, where the minor political squabbles you had before seem like child's play. Your race is now Starbound...

by : Psi Scape Software


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