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Civilization II

Blobs are one-, two-, and three-lined colored balls that you need to carefully place on a playing field. If you place two blobs of the same color next to each other, they stick together. The lines show you how many more other blobs the existing blob can connect to. So, if you have a red blob with three lines, it can connect to three other red blobs. The real aim of the game is to destroy the blobs rather than collect as many as possible. To destroy blobs, you "simply" form groups and then try to make all the blobs in the group go blank. You do this by connecting them in a manner that uses up all the potential connections of each blob (indicated by the lines). If you're familiar with molecular valency, this game will ring a bell. Confused? Just give it a try. In this new version, horizontal and vertical bombs have been added, as well as difficulty-level options. The graphics have been made faster as well, and a few minor bug fixes were made.


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Blobs 1.8.0