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Pinky, the Brain, and the World's Richest Nerd

I met two people, one named Brain and the other Pinky

Brain was always serious and Pinky was just fun-fun silly willy.

They both trod along with Pinky in much pain;

Pinky was hit again and again.

Pinky just blurted poit, troz, egad

Brain would hit him hard, on the head; oh, it was so sad.

Whenever Brain was down, Pinky was there,

With his poit and narf he'd rid him of his despair.

Everyday Brain's plans to rule the world would fail

They would try and try but, alas, to no avail.

But then came the devil, the world's richest nerd,

The most dorky, perhaps the world's biggest bird.

He talked to Brain and he came up with a plan; it was all stinky,

He would give Brain the world and in return he would give Pinky.

Brain wanted the world, but he could not give up his friend

After all, with Pinky gone, who would he offend?

Pinky knew Brain wanted the world, so he signed the pact,

Committing himself to serious pain, death, in fact.

He was doomed forever working for the world's richest nerd,

He had no choice but to use Windows 98, like that which everybody's heard.

It was terrible, all those crashes and errors,

He longed for the Macintosh, he wanted something better.

Finally after a week, Pinky grew insane,

Like the people in 1984, he could not complain.

Brain had taken over the world with the help of Satan,

Although he enjoyed his reign, he was guilty because of Pinky's life he had taken.

He thought of a plan to free Pinky from the fool

He could not bear to see Pinky drowning in a lifeless pool.

So Brain got the Supreme Court to define the laws,

He put the nerd out of business and removed its claws.

Everybody rejoiced with the removal of Gates,

The police went to his house and blew up the place.

Pinky and the Brain celebrated all day and night,

Knowing that finally, everything is set right.


- Jason Weng