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Ode to a Megalomaniacal Mouse

I know of a megalomaniacal mouse

The poor thing has to live in Elmyra's house.

Brain is his name; Pinky, his friend,

He fears Elmyra's "pet care" will never end.

He spends every day planning global domination

Each plan is derived from careful calculations.

But his beautiful plans are oft to no avail,

Because all of his plans inevitably fail.

Perhaps Pinky and Elmyra are somewhat to blame-

Their intelligence levels are pretty much the same.

They constantly botch up his brilliant plans

By making as many mistakes as they can.

But Elmyra and Pinky are quite helpful to Brain,

They assist in his plans and cause him great pain.

Pinky keeps his common sense and morals from tumbling,

And Elmyra's constant abuse is often humbling.

He seems despotic, but it's only his vision,

Ambition and dreams aren't a source of derision.

He'll improve life on Earth with his great brain,

Right after the part that's all for his gain.

I know the Brain will never let his dream die,

But if they cancel his show, you may see me cry.


-Stephanie Chen